About Me


My screen name is EvilPeopleWereHere, but you may know me better as theocfanpodcast or Imogen.

I'm a something-teen year old British girl, a big fan of complaining (which is a British standard), but also a huge fan of Owl City (a given), Relient K and Lights. I also have the smallest crush on Jesse Eisenberg.
Okay. Maybe a big one.

My hobbies include reading and creative writing. In fact, my aspiration at the moment is becoming a screen-writer, and fortunately writing is something I'm good at. Unfortunately, I'm also very good at procrastinating, so you'll probably find me watching Youtube, playing Legend of Zelda (or, in fact, most Nintendo Games), watching Lord Of The Rings (or the eighteenth time that week) or generally not doing what I'm supposed to be.

It's been a year since the lovely Aidan handed his blog over to me, and time has flown. I can't wait to spend another year with you all, and hopefully many more.

That's sounds so cheesy...

Oh did I mention I am very socially awkward?