Monday, October 16, 2017

New music is coming soon! + the winner of the sign off contest

Hello hoots, Sarah here!

As you may, or may not know, there have been some awesome new updates in the Owl City fandom! A few weeks ago, there was a call for actors/actresses on Minnesota Film and Television website for an Owl City music video. On Reddit, one user talked about someone on Instagram who had been posting a lot of pictures from the set of the video. Since the photos were on Instagram Stories, I didn't get a chance to see them, but one Reddit user said there was an Ocean Eyes vinyl that was laying on the floor in one of the photos!

I'm pretty excited about this. Not sure if the Ocean Eyes vinyl is going to mean the album is going to have a similar sound, a blast from the past, or if it's just an easter egg in the video, but either way, it's still really nice that Adam's including it!

I feel like at this point, it's safe to say the album is complete. I don't think they'd be making music videos if it weren't. But, if the whole album isn't done, we at least know one single is finished and ready to be released very soon!

Also, I'd like to thank the winner of the sign-off contest! Huge thanks to Northern Sky from Reddit/the Owl City discord! I love this sign-off so much, it reminds me of Beautiful Times <3

Until next time,

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

No Entries... and Maybe I Know Why?

Hello friends, Sarah here!

So, I never did receive any entries for the sign-contest, and I think it was partly because I accidentally listed the WRONG EMAIL. I'm so dumb.

That being said, if you entered, please let me know and resend your entries to

So sorry about this!

All the best,
- Sarah

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sign Off Contest!

Hello hoots, Sarah here!

I am in need of a cute little sign off, like the one Cola used in his previous post, and I was hoping you guys could help me out with that. So I decided I'd hold a little contest and have you guys make one for me!

The only rule is that is has to be featuring my name!

Email your entries (you can enter as many times as you'd wish!) to or submit them via Twitter/Instagram!

The contest ends October 18th.

Thank you guys!

- Sarah

PS: We're thinking about adding a forum to the blog, so we can all discuss albums and theories! What do you think about that?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

An Introduction, Part 2

Hi there everybody!
Sorry to keep you waiting so long (oh the suspense, I know) but I'm finally here! So you all have met the wonderful Sarah, but I'd also like to introduce myself to you all, and perhaps you could introduce yourself to me as well?

I go by the name Cola, as in the soda. I'm in my sophomore year of high school, and I love art and reading. I also adore owls, and of course Owl City, as well as a band called Relient K! I've been a hootowl for nearly four years now. I actually got into Owl City just a few months before this very blog was created, although I didn't find this blog until late 2015. This is the first blog I've ever run (although, I will admit that Sarah does most of the stuff around here since she's a lot more experienced with blogging) but I can't wait to get to know you all.

As Sarah mentioned, we've got a lot of stuff we plan to do with the blog. We're bringing it back from the dead! That means we'll (hopefully) be updating a lot more frequently now that there's two of us. Whenever there's Owl City news of any sort we'll post it here, and we may also have some discussions about Owl City related stuff. We're also hoping to hear from you guys. Sarah and I want to be a lot more interactive, and we'd also like to hear all of your suggestions and comments!

Leave an introduction below if you'd like, and expect to hear from us in the near future!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

An Introduction, Part 1

Hello fellow hoots! I'm very humbled and excited to have the opportunity to be one of this blog’s new owners! Before we get too deep in the exciting world of new Owl City news, I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is Sarah, but some people call me “Sahara” or “Rah”. I recently graduated high school, and I have a passion for blogging/writing, gemstones, and photography! I am also the founder and current owner of two other blogs: The Freshest Blog in the World, and The Switchfoot Blog.

There's going to be a little bit of construction going on, mainly focusing on the theme of the blog, so please bear with us! We’re planning to bring you more Owl City content, like album reviews, contests/giveaways, and overall more posts in general. I'm also planning to revamp the podcast in the coming months!

As I said before, I'm so excited to be able to keep you updated on Owl City news! I discovered this blog in 2014, and it is what inspired me to start my own. I'm extremely blessed to have become such good friends with the person who helped spark my love for blogging. And don't worry; I've promised Aidan that we’ll take good care of you guys!

Stay tuned for another introduction from my favorite co-owner - who just so happens to be my lovely boyfriend - Cola!

- Sarah

PS: if you want to get to know me more or want to have a chat about all things Owl City, you can reach me by my personal Twitter or Instagram!

The Future Of The Blog

Hey, everyone. Your old pal Aidan here. I have some unfortunate news.

Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, Imogen will no longer be running this blog. This is a difficult situation for us here at the blog to navigate, so I ask that you are respectful of Imogen's privacy at this time and understand that she is unavailable for comment in regards to the blog and her reasons for departing. All I am at liberty to say is that this is the best choice for her, and I respect her decision.

However, as our favorite artist once said, with every mushroom cloud comes a silver lining.

Firstly, just to be clear, this blog is not going anywhere. We have worked too hard as a hootowl community to let this blog die or be removed. It has become somewhat of a home for our little corner of the fandom, and I wouldn't dream of taking that away from anybody. Therefore, as the owner of this lovely little blog, I will be passing the torch to the next rightful owners.

Every once in a while, someone comes around whose dedication to art is unmatched. Their passion for music and sharing it with the world is unbounded. And I am overjoyed that I have found not just one person but TWO people like this and I am so happy to call them both my friends.
And so, I am happy to introduce my good friends Sarah and Cola as the new co-authors of the Owl City Fan Club Blog!



I was introduced to Sarah for the first time when, perfectly enough, she emailed me in regards to the blog when I was still the head author. I was overjoyed to hear from a fan, but unfortunately, we didn't personally connect until last year, when we met almost completely by chance on Twitter. Ever since then, we have been best friends and co-bloggers ever since (be sure to ask her about her Relient K and Switchfoot blogs as well!).

I met Cola through Sarah a while back as well, and as mutual friends do, we conversed and became friends as well. I have complete confidence in these two in their ability to run this blog with professionalism and honesty and have fun while doing it. I'm so excited to hand off my beloved baby of a blog to them, not only because of their blogging talent but because I know them personally and trust that they will love and care for it the way Imogen and myself have done in the past. 

I will still absolutely be checking in and posting here from time to time, although with my brand new college schedule, I'm not sure when that will be. However, I'll be keeping in constant contact with your brand new co-authors to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Thank you for sticking with the Owl City Fan Club Blog. As the proud father of this project, it brings me unmeasurable joy to have seen it grow and change over the years with your love and participation. Your continued support means more to me than you could ever know. Thank you so much. 

Next up, your new authors!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy 31st Birthday + Aidan News

Hi everyone.
I hope you're having a nice day.

Just a quick drop in to remind you that our favourite Adam Randal Young is celebrating his thirty-first birthday today. Go drop him a message on Twitter or Facebook to wish him a good birthday, which I'm sure he's currently having. As we all know thirty one years ago today, a talented, handsome and well-loved man was born - and we'll forever be greatful for that.

But besides that fact, the blog's old owner (Mr Aidan Patko) achieved something amazing recently. Aidan became an official writer for Odyssey- and now this blog seems such a far cry from the huge platform he's now writing on. Though, he's still sticking to his roots. He wanted me to share this Fireflies Meme post with you. 

Please go read Aidan's post, share it on your social medias and give Aidan lots of support- he deserves all of it and more!

Happy reading,

Saturday, June 24, 2017

"Waving Through A Window" Owl City & Ben Platt Duet Version

Hello, again!

I'm back to tell you about a little something I've been working on last night and early this morning. 
I've fallen in love with the new Owl City track as I'm sure most of you will have-- and listening to the original, I realised I loved the Broadway Cast's (Ben Platt's) version equally. Elements from both of the version's were beautiful- and as a bit of a time killer I decided to put them together to see what they sounded like. And surprisingly, it actually turned out okay- so I uploaded it you Youtube.

Friday, June 23, 2017

"Waving Through A Window" From Dear Evan Hansen- Owl City Cover

Good Morning Everyone!

And what a good morning it has been for me. Three artists have released new music, but we're here to talk about Owl City's new Cover Single 'Waving Through A Window' From Dear Evan Hansen. If you haven't checked it out please go and do so, you will be pleasantly surprised!

For Owl City fans around the globe this song has been a triumph. Adam has embraced his earlier sound (reminiscent of Maybe I'm Dreaming and Ocean Eyes) to collaborate with this Broadway Track and it really worked. Lots of people have been commenting on how beautiful the instrumental is on this version of the track- and even some go as far as to say it has been the best track Adam Young has released in recent years.

Adam's heart was really in this project; he said so himself that "When I was approached by the creators of Dear Evan Hansen to reimagine the song "Waving Through A Window,” the lyrics immediately resonated with me. It almost felt like it was written about my own life story. Having now had the opportunity to collaborate on my own version of the song, the experience has become even more surreal."

In fact, reading through the basics of the play that I found floating around the internet, I can see how this track and musical as a whole resounds with Adam, but also me. A story about a boy in High School with social anxiety is one thing Adam picked up on from the innocence of the track- something we haven't seen for a long time.
For me this has been a perfect pairing. As a Drama student and aspiring Screen-writer, I've always been a lover of Musicals, so I when I woke up to this track this morning I was over the moon!

Lights' new single "Giants" also came out today-- go check it out on Spotify.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Not All Heroes Wear Capes Video + Review

First of all, if you haven't checked out Adam's new single for Father's Day go and check it out now on Spotify or download and listen. Here's a few links (thanks to Adam) compiled together so you can go check it out.

The music video for Not All Heroes Wear Capes was premiered by People, and first it's really important to understand that though this version is similar to the single it is the acoustic version. Though most instruments in the single you could class as 'acoustic' if you will. I feel as if the pure acoustic nature of the video, filmed in something as mundane as a workshop and garage, a far cry from the huge stages Adam has braced- well there seems something raw to it- more personal to him, but actually more relatable to us.

I think I actually prefer Adam's vocals in the acoustic version too. They're not perfection, notably on the line "He built me a house in the arms of a tree", but I think this is what gives the track a whole lot more character, as I said personal. Where as the original for me, seems to be a little over-produced and 'perfect' for the message of the song.

As always, Adam has done an amazing job on this new track. I can hear so many influences from his scores project last year that has seemed to worm its way into his Owl City work- and I actually have really enjoyed this addition. I have also spotted something Hootowls might have classed as "Old Owl City", as well as maintaining the TMS and MO kind of vibe through his gritty vocals. 

I won't dwell on what the message means for me so much, as Father's mean different things to different people. But, unfortunately, and through no fault of Adam's, this track is simply not a tear jerker through the message- I've never had an experience of a Father in my life. However, the fact that I can see Adam back to brunette (yes!) and doing his thing again; without really hearing from him directly on Owl City since 2015- it had been a pleasure, and all I can say it welcome back buddy. We missed you.

So here's the verdict: the original version, as well as it does show the old OC elements, for me, feels over-produced and goes a bit over your head. However, the acoustic version with the ambient atmosphere of 'Dad', is much more fitting to the meaning and message. Oh also Randy is pretty cool.

Just a quick drop in too to say, if you're interested, Lights has a new single out on the 23rd called Giants- you should definitely go and check it out. The single is from her up-coming album Skin and Earth, which she has put so much effort into -- as much as illustrating and writing her own comic and making an interactive map on Instagram where she hides hidden clips and clues.

Talk later!