Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy 31st Birthday + Aidan News

Hi everyone.
I hope you're having a nice day.

Just a quick drop in to remind you that our favourite Adam Randal Young is celebrating his thirty-first birthday today. Go drop him a message on Twitter or Facebook to wish him a good birthday, which I'm sure he's currently having. As we all know thirty one years ago today, a talented, handsome and well-loved man was born - and we'll forever be greatful for that.

But besides that fact, the blog's old owner (Mr Aidan Patko) achieved something amazing recently. Aidan became an official writer for Odyssey- and now this blog seems such a far cry from the huge platform he's now writing on. Though, he's still sticking to his roots. He wanted me to share this Fireflies Meme post with you. 

Please go read Aidan's post, share it on your social medias and give Aidan lots of support- he deserves all of it and more!

Happy reading,

Saturday, June 24, 2017

"Waving Through A Window" Owl City & Ben Platt Duet Version

Hello, again!

I'm back to tell you about a little something I've been working on last night and early this morning. 
I've fallen in love with the new Owl City track as I'm sure most of you will have-- and listening to the original, I realised I loved the Broadway Cast's (Ben Platt's) version equally. Elements from both of the version's were beautiful- and as a bit of a time killer I decided to put them together to see what they sounded like. And surprisingly, it actually turned out okay- so I uploaded it you Youtube.

Friday, June 23, 2017

"Waving Through A Window" From Dear Evan Hansen- Owl City Cover

Good Morning Everyone!

And what a good morning it has been for me. Three artists have released new music, but we're here to talk about Owl City's new Cover Single 'Waving Through A Window' From Dear Evan Hansen. If you haven't checked it out please go and do so, you will be pleasantly surprised!

For Owl City fans around the globe this song has been a triumph. Adam has embraced his earlier sound (reminiscent of Maybe I'm Dreaming and Ocean Eyes) to collaborate with this Broadway Track and it really worked. Lots of people have been commenting on how beautiful the instrumental is on this version of the track- and even some go as far as to say it has been the best track Adam Young has released in recent years.

Adam's heart was really in this project; he said so himself that "When I was approached by the creators of Dear Evan Hansen to reimagine the song "Waving Through A Window,” the lyrics immediately resonated with me. It almost felt like it was written about my own life story. Having now had the opportunity to collaborate on my own version of the song, the experience has become even more surreal."

In fact, reading through the basics of the play that I found floating around the internet, I can see how this track and musical as a whole resounds with Adam, but also me. A story about a boy in High School with social anxiety is one thing Adam picked up on from the innocence of the track- something we haven't seen for a long time.
For me this has been a perfect pairing. As a Drama student and aspiring Screen-writer, I've always been a lover of Musicals, so I when I woke up to this track this morning I was over the moon!

Lights' new single "Giants" also came out today-- go check it out on Spotify.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Not All Heroes Wear Capes Video + Review

First of all, if you haven't checked out Adam's new single for Father's Day go and check it out now on Spotify or download and listen. Here's a few links (thanks to Adam) compiled together so you can go check it out.

The music video for Not All Heroes Wear Capes was premiered by People, and first it's really important to understand that though this version is similar to the single it is the acoustic version. Though most instruments in the single you could class as 'acoustic' if you will. I feel as if the pure acoustic nature of the video, filmed in something as mundane as a workshop and garage, a far cry from the huge stages Adam has braced- well there seems something raw to it- more personal to him, but actually more relatable to us.

I think I actually prefer Adam's vocals in the acoustic version too. They're not perfection, notably on the line "He built me a house in the arms of a tree", but I think this is what gives the track a whole lot more character, as I said personal. Where as the original for me, seems to be a little over-produced and 'perfect' for the message of the song.

As always, Adam has done an amazing job on this new track. I can hear so many influences from his scores project last year that has seemed to worm its way into his Owl City work- and I actually have really enjoyed this addition. I have also spotted something Hootowls might have classed as "Old Owl City", as well as maintaining the TMS and MO kind of vibe through his gritty vocals. 

I won't dwell on what the message means for me so much, as Father's mean different things to different people. But, unfortunately, and through no fault of Adam's, this track is simply not a tear jerker through the message- I've never had an experience of a Father in my life. However, the fact that I can see Adam back to brunette (yes!) and doing his thing again; without really hearing from him directly on Owl City since 2015- it had been a pleasure, and all I can say it welcome back buddy. We missed you.

So here's the verdict: the original version, as well as it does show the old OC elements, for me, feels over-produced and goes a bit over your head. However, the acoustic version with the ambient atmosphere of 'Dad', is much more fitting to the meaning and message. Oh also Randy is pretty cool.

Just a quick drop in too to say, if you're interested, Lights has a new single out on the 23rd called Giants- you should definitely go and check it out. The single is from her up-coming album Skin and Earth, which she has put so much effort into -- as much as illustrating and writing her own comic and making an interactive map on Instagram where she hides hidden clips and clues.

Talk later!

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Hey everyone.

If you have been following this blog, you may have noticed my absence on posting news (or lack of) on the blog regarding Owl City (Adam Young) News, and I think you can tell where this is going. You've all been great to talk to and enthuse over Owl City and Adam Young about, and I love you all very much- but I regret to inform you guys that-

I'M BACK (well, after I finish my exams that start in a week and last for a month... but after that I'm back)

I've got the longest summer holiday coming up, and I intend to go full out on the blog, we're talking new layout, more competitions, (might even get some podcasts in there- and if possible with some guests too... if they agree), a monthly email, a monthly lyric (voted by you), and whatever else I can think of. As well as the steady news updates... don't worry they'll still be coming.

Speaking of news updates: if you haven't already, please check the latest Owl City interview here. Adam was interviewed by iZotope, namely Jon Simmons, who asked Adam some questions and of course Adam had the answers for them all. As always, just like anything Adam does, it's interesting and if you haven't read it already-- just go.

Please share the link around to this blog to as many Hootowls as you know would be interested in it. I'd love for this blog to grow, as I'm sure you would. I'd love to get as many people involved in the Summer activities as possible.

Thank you for your continuous support. Ya'll know it means the world.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Proof that I'm a fortune teller... no this isn't clickbait.

So yesterday I think I probably had one of the worst days that life could possibly throw at me. I had to wake up a whole ten minutes early for an English Exam, followed fifteen minutes later by a completely unrealistically placed Maths exam, which should have been set for an hour and a half but we were rushed to do it in an hour, and was a complete waste of time. And the revision lessons school was offering in the Easter Holiday was completely lacking the worst subjects... so guess who'll be failing their science exams??

But that's besides the point of what I'm trying to say. The part above was just to make you feel not so bad about your life, because in comparison, I'd say mine is a complete failure. 

Okay and I appreciate that this is probably the first blog post I've even considered writing about in the past few months, but it's a good one, I promise you. If you could see me frantically slamming down on my keyboard, you would understand my desperation to write this.

So, you all know that I have been asking one question for the past year. When Adam left Universal Records, I've been left constantly wondering what his new record label would be. And for all of you who've been following this blog since early last year, and indeed my twitter friends will know. I made a suggestion for Adam to make an independent record label and having the name something to do with his recording studio "Sky Harbour".

Well, yesterday, I was just admiring how Adam's lovely score The Ascent of Everest had helped me immensely with my English exam (if you're at all interested one of my sources was on Mount Everest and things like South Col and Khumbu Icefall made me feel confident I knew what I was doing- which in all honesty, I didn't but-), and simply just looked up the score on google and my little heart could not have gone faster.


If that is not fortune-telling I don't know what is.

There's also a small chance that Adam copied my idea without telling me, which is actually quite rude.
So I'm after you on that.

But for all intensive purposes let's pretend I can tell the future and that this is not clickbait, because it is to be quite honest.

Okay, so I feel as if all of you who read this feel as if I just wasted a few minutes of your life.... which I have.



Thursday, February 16, 2017

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Sarah who's stunning edit of The Midsummer Station CD has seemed to won the hearts of you all, and indeed me. Her art will be featured on the panel to the right of this post.

The other competition entries are two posts below if you'd still like to see them, or indeed if you haven't seen them.

Again, thank you to everyone who entered and everyone who voted and for making the competition the success it was!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

OC17 is a go!

You don't even understand how happy I was when Adam's video came up in my Twitter feed yesterday. I mean, I did kind of throw me off for my Drama Exam, but I got by without thinking about it, but I feel bad for not screaming OC news at everybody. I mean it saves their ears, and from wondering why I'm even talking to them...

Anyway, the fact of the matter is Adam's friends and fam have had to prise his lifeless body away from the music, because apparently he's been forgetting to breathe, which I think is impossible, but then again, I wouldn't put anything past Adam. Adam if you're reading this, please don't die, and if you're gonna die soon, we want the new album first... then you can die.
That's fine.

Anyone hear that music in the background of that video? I have a suspicion that's a new song. Unless this is like a really obvious previous song that I'm somehow missing or a score or something, but when he released Humbug "commentary" if you like, it played in the background, and when he was doing his score Competition announcement a few of his scores were playing in the background. SO I'm just going to go straight ahead and make that assumption it's a piece of the new music.

SPEAKING OF COMPETITIONS go and vote for who you want to win on the poll to the right of who you'd like to win our competition.

Also, speaking of previews reminds me of Ultraviolet hype, which for me was so much bigger than Mobile Orchestra. Maybe it was because I was newer to the fandom when Ultraviolet was released (which I still the remember the feeling of staying off school so I could listen to it), than when MO was. I don't know, but I feel we're gonna have the same kind of hype, which, granted, will destroy my life, no doubt about it. But I've gotta feeling (yes, I am inserting other artist's lyrics references) it's going to be great. 10/10.

I feel as if this was more of a rant than a blog post. So I'm sorry you had to sit through all of that. I also think this is the quickest post I've written. When I read this back it's going to sound like the most stereotypical white girl has written this- which I probably am. But, you know, I like to defy stereotypes from time to time.

Anyway! I don't even know what I'm saying anymore, so Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, Happy Hanukkah (not particularly in that order).

Seriously I'm going now.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Competition Entries!

Happy February everyone!

Two days ago the blog's Art and Literature Competition closed, and I have received some breath-taking (I'm actually not joking) entries, which have done nothing less than astounded me. So without further-a-do let's have a look at these fantastic entries that you all sent me;

First of all, from a close friend of mine and commenter on the blog, this beautiful entry from Cola, when he sent it to me, I almost welled up in tears at how lovely this picture was! The time and effort that must have been put into this must have been to the max. I know Cola is talented, especially in terms of art, so thank you buddy- and well done!

Next up, a photo after my own heart. If you get to know me, you'd know how much I obsess about things looking "tumblr" or "aesthetically pleasing", and this has hit the nail on the head. This entry was from one of my close friends too, Sarah, also known as Sahara over at The Freshest Blog In The World. Whenever I look at this it fills me of satisfaction from the way the flower petals are arranged to the font on The Midsummer Station.

All I can say is wow! This piece of art is so bright with huge amounts of Owl City song references, and something different catches my eye every time I look at it. It reminds me of one of Adam's places to visit - Tokyo - and how bright the lights (no pun intended) can make your life, and remind you of odd things as you stroll or skate down the side streets. Well done to Idoke for sending this to me via email. I am more than impressed.

And lastly (but certaintly) not least is this inspiration piece of writing is from another of my close friends Jewel. Though by no technical terms is it something you put up in an art gallery, but it is a piece of art that I thoroughly enjoyed reading through and make my heart melt just as much as the other pieces of art that were entered.

So I've left a poll over to the right of this post so YOU can decide who will win the competition! Their art will feature on the right panel of the blog. 

Again a big thank you and well done to all of you entered. I wanted to make an especially huge thank you to Jewel who shared the competition on her Owl City Group on DeviantArt, it means a lot!

Again, Happy February my darlings, and remember to get voting!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Happy (Belated) Hootowl Day/OC 17 Theories

Hi guys,

I've been really busy catching up and getting back into the swing of school work since mock exams have been tying me down for the past three weeks. I just want to say I hope you all had a lovely Hootowl day and spread a little of the Owl City love!

Now, Hootowl Day 2017 being a complete wash-out in my books (I did exercise- I know pretty bad, right?) I casted my mind to what the rest of the year could hold for us- the Hootowls, and the big man Adam himself.

Well there's the obvious one. I think all Hootowls are waiting in anticipation for a new album. After all, it has been ten wonderful years of the Owl City project, and what would be a better way to celebrate than an album? Adam has admitted in the past that he had been working on Owl City music as well as Scores in 2016- so there is always the possibility.

I think it's fair to say we'd all love him to revisit his old styles from Ocean Eyes and ATBAB, maybe even from Of June and Maybe I'm Dreaming. Don't get me wrong, I'm in love with TMS/Ultraviolet/Mobile Orchestra sounds as much, but the nostalgia of being an eight year old would be great to relive, even if it was one or two tracks on the album.

If Adam asked me what would I want the album to be like, I think I'd have a very clear cut answer. If each track on the album celebrated each of his major albums (including Of June and Ultraviolet EP's), with their kind of sound. It would be a treat to relive the past ten years of Owl City through one album and new content. And it would be pretty rad if he called the track names similar to the album titles.

Though then technically that's only seven tracks. I mean, we'd always need an outright religious song (it's kind of his speciality), one of those songs co-written with Thiessen that tend to make us fall on the floor laughing. I'd really love another collaboration with Carly Rae- her style has become more mature over time, I find myself listening to her often. I'd love a collab with Lights (again), but in a style that's more Lights-esque I suppose. And one with Relient K, again with a more alternative rock style compared to Pop or Electronica.

Again, there's no news on Adam's record label, no matter how much digging I do. Maybe he's going rogue? But I still like the idea of Sky Harbour Records, you can take me up on that one Adam.

Just a reminder that there are ten days until our competition closes, I have received two entires so far!

What are your hopes for OC 17? I'd love to hear them! Drop me a comment.