Tuesday, December 24, 2013

And Now, An Introduction

Allow me to formally introduce myself.
My name is Aidan. I'm a teenager living in Montana, with big city dreams that I can't express in this small town. Owl City is my only escape from this boring, monotone world I've been born into. I wanna get out of this town as soon as possible and go to college in Texas for music technology. My dream is to have a career in music production. Music is truly my muse in life. And Adam Young has made me realize that a career in music is truly my calling and I thank him for that.
I play the drums in a band called Vintage Point, and I'm alright at GarageBand. I'm taking piano lessons, and also want to pursue the guitar.
Apart from music, my other hobbies include writing and snowboarding.
Another important thing about me is that I'm an introvert.
And I don't just say that to relate myself to Adam, either. I truly prefer being alone to any sort of social contact. Which is why I can proudly say that some of the best friends I've ever made are right here on the Internet.
That's my story.
If you wanna talk to me, feel free to leave a comment or get me on Google+, I'm willing to talk to anyone.
God bless, and keep checking back for more posts and podcast episodes :)

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