Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Fan-Made Tribute

Good evening, hootowls!
I can hear rain pouring outside (rain? In Montana? In January?!?) and it feels like a perfect night to curl up with Owl City and your favorite YouTube videos. And I've got one for you right here that's got some of both:

This is a video made by a hootowl and personal friend of mine that I contributed in! (I'm the guy in the I AM shirt, in case you're interested.)
I think this video, and the idea of it in general, is really so wonderful. A group of hootowls including myself were rounded up through social media and asked to contribute. I happily obliged. I'd never been asked to join in on something like this before, and the thought was exciting. 
Making the video was half the fun. As you'll see, there were a few questions we were asked to answer, and I thought everyone that starred in the video had very unique and perfect perspectives on Owl City as a project and as a man. I'd ask that you watch the video for any more details.. I don't wanna spoil the fun.
I did embarrass myself a little, though... One question stated, "What is your favorite Adam quote?" While everyone else answered with his life-changing inspirational quotes, I responded with a ridiculous tweet..
So totally worth it.

So, in case you were too busy reading this to click the link, simply search the username owlcity459 in YouTube. It's just a few hootowls just like me, speaking from our hearts about amazing music.

More fun coming soon!

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