Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hey y'all!
So, a lot of us had MLK day off yesterday, and, just as I'm sure many of you were, I was bored out of my skull.
So I decided to do a little project.
I got on the trusty ol' Interwebs and found myself every single unreleased Owl City song, cover, 60-second-long blog post, and songs not officially released in the U.S., and put them into an album. And I was amazed by the result. I currently have 19 songs/recordings on that album, which I fittingly titled "Unreleased", and I'm still not finished. And keep in mind this doesn't include his numerous side projects, which is the next thing I'll be putting into albums.

Here is the track list to "Unreleased", conveniently in alphabetical order:

  1. Alligator Sky Ft. B.o.B.
  2. Beautiful Mystery
  3. Bright Eyes
  4. Comfy Cozy Christmas
  5. Dementia (Adam Young remix)
  6. Enchanted
  7. Garden Party
  8. Good Time (acoustic demo)
  9. Halcyon ("Pac Man Theme")
  10. Helicopter Moon
  11. Here's Hope
  12. Home Of The Blues
  13. In Christ Alone
  14. Paper Tigers
  15. Ridiculously Happy
  16. Shy Violet*
  17. Studio Shenanigans Like Woe
  18. Top Of The World*
  19. 99 Red Balloons
*Technically officially released, but not in the U.S.

So there you have it, "Unreleased". Pleeeease leave a comment if you know of any I'm missing.
Go forth and hoot.


  1. Hello! This blog is gorgeous just so yah know! Just wanted to tell you that there are TONS of songs Owl City is featured in that are pretty low key, or lots of other songs that might not have been officially released everywhere. I have over 90 songs with Owl City (not including Sky Sailing songs, how amazing!). Just wanted to say to always keep looking, Adam is full of surprises as we are all full aware :3 anywho keep up the good work hun! ~She Who Shall Not Be Named (no, not Voldemort's sister)

    1. Hello, She Who Shall Not Be Named! :D Thanks for being a fan of this blog, you're so awesome! So I didn't include the songs he's done with other people like Schiller, AVB, etc. Please comment any songs that you know of that I missed. I appreciate the feedback! :D

    2. Me, awesome? You're the one running this amazing blog, Mr.Awesome! Lol. That's the thing I'd really tell you all of the songs I have except there's too many! ~She Who Shall Not Be Named