Monday, March 24, 2014

Back To Normal

...Sorry, about that last post.
I just got home from a Catholic weekend retreat and my primary source of information (whose name I'm sneakily keeping anonymous) told me about the newest Tumblr soundbite by the one and only sneaky master himself. I listened to it about 2974264292862 times, hyperventilated, played it for my family, hyperventilated, and then proceeded to create my last link post.
I am aware of the fact that I'm a 15 year old guy but I take no shame in fangirling.
Anyway, with the possible release date REVISED TO APRIL 15TH in an Instagram post today, I'm predicting a title of some sort for this new single in the next couple weeks. 
Now, allow me to get back to not having a life and following March Madness.

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