Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chat Status: Success

I unfortunately could not make it to the Owl City Facebook chat tonight due to prior arrangements, but I'm reading through the Q&A as I type this and I'm both impressed and in pain from laughing so hard. I'm quite impressed by the number of replied he made - at least a few hundred in a short time. I'm honestly very sad that I missed this opportunity with such a great response rate - but I'm sure there'll be other times (and I've gotten a reply on Twitter before anyways.)  I'm including some of my favorite answers here below:

Q. Are you even alive
A. Are you even a potato

Q. Favourite place you've been?
A. My bed

Q. Taco John or Taco Bell?
A. Taio Cruz

Q. Do you like sushi?
A. No who is sushi does she like me or something yuckkk

Q. Is it wonder or wander at the end of Beautiful Times?
A. Wander
[I was personally wondering about this. Thanks, Adam.]

And one more...
Q. Any more collaborations on the future songs?
A. Surelyyyyy

So sad I missed the Q&A, but also so happy for the other hoot owls who finally got their replies.
Oh, and by the way, Adam's favorite color is orange and WE CAN EXPECT A NEW EP QUOTE "SUMMER-ISH" AND HE WILL BE DOING A U.S. TOUR.
That's all for now...

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