Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tumblr Find

I'm starting to really get into this Tumblr thing. is one of my favorite Tumblr accounts, to be completely honest. And I was delighted to be amused again tonight when I found a pair of pictures that are incredibly artistic and beautiful. I turned them into a collage for your viewing pleasure. If I'm lucky enough to have sneakybookworm read this, I just wanna say thanks for these pictures and for your Tumblr as a whole. You're an amazing addition to this hoot owl family.


  1. Did you look at the lucky winner's blog for your contest? It's pretty cool, she even does funny sign out things. One was about Voldemort! Coincidence? I think not. You said you'd love my "anonymous butt" if I entered your contest, well there you go. I did, I was just hiding in plain sight ;)
    ~She Who is Finally Named

    1. Lol feelin the love xD love you too. I feel all awkward saying that Lol but there you go <3 looking forward to your YouTube account for OC! Also, those rubber bracelets people wear, do you know where I could find one for OC/Adam Young but like one of those skinnier kind of bracelets? My wrist is too small for the thicker kind :P
      ~Physically Sarah, mentally Voldemort

    2. Feelin the love right back! :D Glad to hear that you heard that! It's still a work in progress, but it's coming... #soon ;)
      And unfortunately, I couldn't find any thinner OC rubber bracelets, only the thicker ones. Sorry!