Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Catchy Slogan

Hopefully you are all hard at work with your entries for my signature contest. And hopefully this new announcement won't throw you off too much. 
A very clever hootowl whose name remains anonymous gave me a great idea - instead of a watermark, why not include a brand-new slogan for me, unique to the person that made it?
I found it to be an extremely clever idea, so here it is:
Instead of using a watermark or other form of ID'ing on your entry, you may include a slogan to represent myself and my blog to go with "-Aidan". Keep it short, and make sure it's original. 
And I'd also like to remind everyone that you may enter multiple times if you choose. 
I have one entry so far, and I'd love some more, so back to work!


  1. I wonder who's continuously mentioned through this ;) Lol I feel all awesome now, thank you for making my day. Okay bye

    1. Hmmm I wonder ;) you ARE awesome, thanks for being amazing! And you're so welcome :)