Thursday, May 8, 2014

T Minus 2 Days

That's right! 2 days left until my contest ends. I've got 2 entries, so the contest WILL end on schedule as promised. Please please please get your entries in soon, or scroll down to "Contest, Anyone?" for official rules and how to enter! I want to see all your beautiful creations!
In other news, Adam has started hinting at us again, starting the whole "soon" cycle all over. Many many studio pics have been posted to Instagram, and even what looked to be the set of the Beautiful Times video... I'll keep you updated for dates!
Oh, and check out episode 5 of the podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes and Podbean!


  1. (Putting comment on here so most don't see it, it is regarding your newest contest) Would you consider it if we had a name for you, then below it we make some kind of slogan if it isn't too big? NOT a quote, something we make up.

    1. Acknowledged! Check out my newest post, and comment there if you have any suggestions or changes! Thanks so much for your support :)