Saturday, May 31, 2014


Now before you freak out, let's just be clear that this is NOT confirmed information, one of my informants came forward to me with this and I cannot verify its authenticity, but it's my duty to report this to you, so here it is:
There's a rumor going around Tumblr that someone stumbled across EP news on Owl City's Republic Records site. Upon finding the site I couldn't find the information, but I have a screenshot from an anonymous source that basically said this person was somehow redirected to OC's page on where they read this:

" a result, the first EP, Ultraviolet, evokes the spirit fans know and love..."

Though this is still unconfirmed, this is big news. Ultraviolet definitely sounds like Adam. The article goes on to say that the EP will feature Beautiful Times, as well as this:

"Meanwhile, 'Wolf Bite' snaps from a dreamy minimalist verse into a shimmering hook that resounds with a primal power..."

Wolf Bite? Most likely the name of a new song, as the rest of the section goes on to quote Adam, saying basically that he had just finished watching the remake of Wolfman and found some inspiration.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on this developing story!
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So excited to report for you,


  1. On instagram yesterday Adam posted a short video of him saying something around "Sup so I'm coming out with new music soon so I decided take a look back at some Beautiful Times," then later posted a picture of his guitar

    1. Yeah i knew about that, this is something different though... That's so exciting though!