Wednesday, June 4, 2014

47% complete

We're just about halfway to unlocking the name and artwork of the new EP! Head to and share away.

One thing I would like to follow up on is the article posted to about the new EP, presumed to be called Ultraviolet. Since the announcement from Adam was posted, the name of the EP has been removed from the article. So that means Republic Records is either trying to keep the name secret from us (little too late there, I suppose) or the info isn't accurate. Personally I think the former is true, but it's up for speculation until we hit 100% on the Owl City website.

The other big news is, EPISODE 6 OF MY PODCAST WILL BE CREATED TONIGHT! Already putting the coffee on, I'm super tired but I've got to get this done before my laptop gets turned in on Thursday. Obviously this'll be my last episode for a while, so I've got to make it a good one and you all should support it! 

I just quickly want to thank you guys for the ongoing support of my podcast. I'd love to update it more often and I hope to be able to record and publish more, more often in the future. 
But for now, I'll be on hiatus, sort of like every one of my favorite shows right now.
The pain.


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