Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Shirt & Shoutout

I am so thankful right now - I've received ANOTHER shirt from the wonderful +OwlCity459, also known as Emma, along with a new Adam collage!

And in case you were wondering, YOU can get this shirt and others too!
Emma runs a merch store right out of her garage with her friend Hannah, and you can PURCHASE these homemade, screen printed shirts! You can see their store on INSTAGRAM @myowlcitymerch or email them at or by simply clicking this link!

And here's a little secret - you'll get FREE SHIPPING on your purchase if you mention my blog!! It's that simple!! This isn't limited-time, just mention my blog when purchasing to receive free shipping!!

Oh, and one more thing - I'm revealing the secret project on my vlog Wednesday... ;)

Until there's more OC news,

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