Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I've Got A Story For You

I know many of you are young hootowls. There's nothing wrong with that at all... There's just things us older hootowls remember better.
One of my favorite things from days past is the stories that Adam wrote to his blog. They're not lost, not by any means - his blog's archives keep them hidden for hootowls to unlock.
Sometimes when I'm feeling reminiscent I'll go back and read some. "You Had Me At Hello" always gets to me... Or "I Am A Moonlighter,"  the story of Sky Sailing.
I strongly encourage hootowls, especially the younger ones that haven't been in the fandom too long, to go through the archives and read the stories in a quiet place with a cup of tea. It's been said that Adam could write a book and it'd be a bestseller, and you'll know how that came about when you read these stories.
He hasn't posted one lately, but I think I speak for many older hootowls when I say he wish he would. You really get a glimpse deep into Adam's mind, even deeper than his music will take you. You feel like you know him personally after reading these stories... I'm the hootowl I am now because of it.

And now, some things I've learned from the stories:

Adam Young got voted one of six "Most Unique Style" in high school.
He tried sports but never entirely got into any of them.
He didn't realize music was his passion until his uncle loaned him his guitar at 14 years old.
After high school, he got a full-time job building industrial dehumidifiers.
During this time of his life, he wrote and recorded An Airplane Carried Me To Bed.
And this is his list of his '10 Things That Make Me Happy':

01 Music
02 Stargazing
03 Swingsets by the beach
04 Flip flops and designer jeans
05 Blue eyes
06 Driving with the sunroof open
07 Red Bull
08 Bunny tracks ice-cream
09 Sleeping in
10 Fireflies in the twilight

Oh, the things you find in the archives of ayoungblog.com.

Forever reminiscent,


  1. After reading this, I read You Had Me At Hello. It was absolutely beautiful. I pray that one day Adam does write a book, cause I will buy, like, 20 copies :)

    1. Hello, beautiful anon :) first of all, sorry for the late reply. And secondly, I'm so glad you went and read it! It's my favorite blog story, definitely touches me in a way I can't describe.
      Thanks for visiting and come back soon,