Monday, August 4, 2014

Abandoned Projects

As we all know, Adam Young has sort of jumped around in the past from project to project, name to name, genre to genre. But he's not the only one doing it.

I recently searched "owl city fan club" in Google to see where I showed up in the list of results (I'm pretty far up there!) and as I was searching, I noticed hootowls have had projects that have been abandoned, too. There's been quite a few blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and the like that were used in the past - but not recently. It's kind of a fun time capsule type idea - searching blogs last updated in 2010 to see what the big news was then. (that would have been the deluxe edition of Ocean Eyes in that time period, if you were wondering.)

So if you have some free time in the future, I suggest using it to have a little fun searching old fan club pages and seeing what you can find. Who knows, you might dig up some long forgotten secrets...

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