Saturday, August 30, 2014

This IS The End

...Well, of the visualizers, anyway.

Adam, today, released the last of the visualizers, for This Isn't The End. I'm pleased with this one, as always, Adam and the producers have done it again!
This was obviously a bit of a surprise, and it was very well kept. Heck, I didn't even know! And I'm me! The only hint was a tweet about Adam running through a glass door. And that wasn't exactly helpful.

In anonymous news, a secretive commenter let me in on some NEW MOVIE NEWS:
I reported before that Adam will be doing the score for the Dreamworks movie Me And My Shadow, but I didn't have a date or many other details. Well, as of August 18th, we do. The movie will be released NOVEMBER 25TH, 2015, and according to this IMDb article about the movie, Adam will definitely be writing and performing the entire score as Owl City. I cannot wait to hear what he cooks up for movie background music in a great sounding Dreamworks film - but we will have to wait, over a year.

Now, someone should come give me a massage. Football and school and waiting for the movies involving Adam Young are really taking it out of me.

Always remember this ISN'T the end,

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