Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Time For A Recap

So. Currently I am sitting in my tiny bathroom in my sweatpants because this is the only room I can escape from everyone in long enough to write a blog post. But it smells pretty good in here so I guess this is fine. Air fresheners are nice.

Anyway, Adam has gotten a bit more active recently through Instagram, posting a video of a song soundbite and another story of his childhood days (which I'd been missing, personally). As an update to release dates, Adam mentioned November for the release date of "the new record", but does that mean EP or full album? We can't know for sure right now, but I'm still digging.

In Tumblr news, my confidential informant has found for me a very fun and awesome Tumblr post which you can view by clicking here. Click the link in the post and add your marker to the HOOTOWL MAP so we have a full reference of hootowls around the world! Please don't skip over this, it's a fun and useful project and it really literally shows our worldwide hootowl network. And as a fun bonus, see if you can find MY marker!!

As far as everything else... Well, you see, I haven't had much time to do extra research, and with school starting tomorrow I'm a bit packed and stretched for time. So, if you have any tips as to news or anything else, COMMENT ON THIS POST or post to my "Contact Me" page!

Probably leaving the bathroom now,


  1. hey! I remember that Adam usually refers to albums by saying record. So I think we'll have a new album in november:) yeah and don'tt forget that japan interview;)

    1. Hey!
      That's true, so that means a new record could be coming a month earlier AND a new EP even earlier than THAT! We don't know anything for sure yet, but that video sure helped!