Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2 Songs And 2 Years

Sup, my friends.
How are ya.

So, as I know you've already heard, Owl City will be releasing 2 NEW TRACKS next week, on October 7th. One of them is one that many of you have heard already - the much anticipated and much leaked You're Not Alone featuring Britt Nicole, and the other one is brand-new - a track titled "Tokyo" featuring some "new friends" called SEKAI NO OWARI. For all the new info, refer to Adam's announcement video, which can be viewed by clicking on this link right here. I am so incredibly excited for next week! (Not only because of the new tracks, but also because I'm going to TWO CONCERTS that same weekend. U jelly, bro?)

One last thing I wanna bring up before I go, though:
I posted about this on Tumblr earlier, but I wanted to share it with you too, in case you don't follow my Tumblr (but you should). Today is September 29th, and coincidentally, my first Owl City concert was 2 years ago today. Pretty funny.



  1. You've been to an Owl City concert?!?!?! You're incredibly lucky, I have never been to a concert in my life and I've never really been bothered about going to any other than an Owl City concert. You know just to see Adam chickening about on the stage... and maybe because he is like the best artist ever!!!! Looking forward to the new tracks especially looking forward to "Tokyo" from the instrumental in the background because in a way it reminds me of Galaxies. AND FINGERS CROSSED THE TOUR DATES COME SOON! Because I'll stop at nothing for my first concert to be an Owl City one!
    HAPPY CONCERTING!!!- whoever you're going to see.
    The Gal who's Dad has the same glasses as Adam

    1. Actually, I've been to TWO Owl City concerts ;P Concerts are amazing, especially Owl City! I can't wait for you to be able to go to one :) So pumped for the new stuff!!!

    2. Yah.. I'll keep you posted if I actually get to see one :0)