Saturday, November 22, 2014


Thanks to one of my most loyal and trustworthy anonymous informants, I have hereby confirmed that Adam Young has yet ANOTHER deal for a movie theme song!!!
By now, you must all know that a movie is being released about the minions of Despicable Me - fittingly called Minions. But as you can see from this IMDb page about the movie, Adam Young is said to be recording and producing the theme song, titled "Lighting Up The Tunnel", for the movie!!!
I'll tell you what, he's really got it made with these movie deals.

I'll bet you heard it here first, so tell your friends,


  1. I wonder what happened to Pharrell, if he is still doing a song on the soundtrack, because he really got pushed out, if so.
    Well it doesn't matter that's for Pharrell and his fans to deal with. Once again the Hoot Owls get the upper-hand!

    1. I'm not sure! But you're very right, hoot owls ALWAYS prevail when it comes to movies!!