Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Swagworthy News

Finally, a little something!

Like many, I peruse Facebook on a daily basis, laughing at people's miserable lives and then examining my own, realizing I don't have one, and then doing it all over again. But tonight, As I was browsing the virtual stacks of statuses, something useful appeared - an Owl City post announcing new swag from his District Lines store. Pretty cool stuff, as you can see:

But then, at the bottom of the lovely Facebook status, a sneaky message:
"ALSO - something new coming tomorrow. muwhahaha"

So, until tomorrow we wait. What it is, nobody knows - all we can be assured of is that it's Adam's doing, so it'll be fantastic.

(Oh, and this is also my 200th post! Thanks for sticking with me all this time!)

Reporting again tomorrow,

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  1. Oh my, I'm loving the Tokyo Visualizer!!!