Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"Almost Done With The New Record"

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is almost here. After waiting freaking SOOOO long for a new full-release actual real ALBUM, Adam is finally officially almost ready to release one. According to an Instagram post from just a few hours ago:

"Almost done with the record. Last few tweaks, then mastering. It's never taken me this long to make an album but I'm unbelievably proud of the next chapter and can't wait for you to hear it. Once it's done, I'll see your faces on tour in 2015."

Not only am I excited for new music, but I'm proud of Adam, too. He's back to doing what he really loves - writing and producing his own beautiful, whimsical music without pressure from outside sources. He's doing his own thing, taking his time and making something that he knows that we'll love as much as he loves himself.

Keep doing what you do, Adam.
Your hootowls will wait for you.

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