Friday, May 15, 2015

I Need To Apologize...

Guys, I really don't know how I managed this. But a very nice commenter on my blog just pointed this out to me: I've been saying "Mobile Symphony" as the new album's name, when in fact it is "Mobile ORCHESTRA". I apologize fully for any confusion, and it won't happen again!

From now on, reporting on "Mobile Orchestra",


  1. Contest winners?! I'm so nervous/excited to see if I won!

    1. Yeah! I didn't even enter and this has been almost as anticipating as the new album (okay a little less) But still- I can't wait for a new author (no disrespect Aidan) Just looking forward to have a new outlook on Adam Young info, and to know it's not just us two who stalk him constantly.
      -Glasses Anon.

    2. And the winner iiiiiiis...

      ...going to be announced today! ;)
      Stay tuned!