Friday, May 29, 2015

Vaunted "Verge" Video Now On Vevo!!!

Well, Hootowls, finally! The link you've all been waiting for!
The music video for Owl City's single "Verge," feat. Aloe Blacc, is now out on Vevo!
Without further ado, click the lovely link below to check it out!
I love the mix of styles in this video, and the positive vibe can be felt all throughout. I think Adam did a great job with this one! For now, I won't spoil anything else. Enjoy, all!
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  1. Genuinely the best music video, I love Adam's random dancing and I am crying in laughter at the weird moves Adam's pulling (I know I'm horrible), but they have improved a little since Good Time- but we've all known Adam hasn't been one for synchronized dancing, but wild and crazy dancing! Hell Yeah! Found a funny montage of the fabulous array of moves the legend himself displays:
    Other than that, I love the video, dying inside of excitement (as per usual)
    Glasses Anon