Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Video and Album and Tour, Oh My!

Greetings again, my Hootowls! Your guest author Lily signing back on after a bit of an accidental hiatus. So much has been happening the past few days! But anyway, let's cut to the real meat of this oh-so-exciting metaphorical sandwich, shall we?... Okay, maybe that metaphor use was questionable. Anyway! Meat!
First on my mind at the moment is an exciting fun fact about this very (stellar as it is) blog. According to our dear Sir Aidan, this very month of May 2015 just might shape up to be the highest visited month in OC Fan Podcast history! Applause for Aidan and all the crazy hard work he does and has done for this thing. Help me congratulate him by leaving a comment below or on another of Aidan's posts! He definitely deserves it!
Next, as Adam's Twitter extols, we only have two days left to wait for the new Verge video featuring Aloe Blacc! For now we have a tantalizing preview, but I for one can't wait to see what else Adam comes up with next after Ultraviolet visualizers and a lyric video for Verge so far. Keep an eye out. Not much longer now!
And what after that, you ask?
I do believe every Hootowl's heart started beating a little faster when each one in turn saw that Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr post, text message or a bombshell dropped in person:
Owl City is releasing a new album.
July 10.
After months of hint after hint dropped by Adam, only to have the album's expected time of release pushed back each time, it seemed as if the new and mysterious album would never come. But now (thanks to our amazing Adam and his hard work) we have a date! And it's less than two months away! Hootowls, if you're not excited yet, get that way! We even now have the track listing, and I don't know about you, but the minute I heard, my iTunes preorder button was clicked, although I'm not quite sure how I managed with tears running down my face! The fandom seems to be equal parts scared of the unknown and absolutely ecstatic for this upcoming release. The anticipation has been building for so long now, and each single and EP has given us a different look and sound. I can't wait to see Adam's creation, and for new material to fall in love with!
And you know what an album means, don't you?
Although we don't have specific dates or locations yet, this upcoming development might excite me personally more than any. I know many Hootowls including myself who have absolutely been clamoring for Owl City's triumphant return to their approximate areas of residence. New pictures, performances, merchandise, meetups, and memories, ladies and gents.
Maybe we should just call 2015 the Year We All Died of Excitement. Yeah. I think it fits.
Until next time (hopefully soon!),
Your friendly neighborhood fangirl-

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  1. WOOHOO!!! Love this blog and the podcast!!! KEEP MAKING MORE!!!