Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We Have A Single!

This news is coming to me a little late, considering that I've been so super busy lately. However, I know now, so here we go:

The NEW SINGLE from Owl City, which features the singer of "The Man" Aloe Blacc, will be released MAY 14th! There was a preview on ESPN's "Draft Academy" last night, but unfortunately I wasn't around to listen to it. However, one of my lovely commentors DID listen to it, and they compared it to Shooting Star and Wolf Bite! (Thanks, Glasses Anon!)

We have a lot to look forward to!


  1. .. and A. Blacc sings about 5 times more then Adam in his own single..

    1. I know- that's no fair. I'm not denying Aloe Blacc is an AMAZING singer. But most of the people who download this future album will buy it because we love Adam. However I doubt the song is 2 minutes and 5 seconds long. I'm presuming Adam does have more singing parts and they were cut out by ESPN. Plus can we take the time to notice the actual music minus the vocals?- that is all credible to Adam and is completely awe-inspiring.
      -Glasses Anon

    2. Yeah, I am also hoping that it's just ESPN, who cut Adam out. For me, Ultraviolet was one of his best works, but it seems he is returning to the TMS kind of style.

    3. Aright, everyone, let's talk about this. Aloe Blacc IS an incredible singer, and I think he'll get his fair share on the single, but so will Adam. Glasses Anon is right - the song is longer than what ESPN previewed. And on the point of his musical style going back to TMS, that remains to be seen - however, many songs on the album came from before Ocean Eyes, so just keep that in mind!
      I love seeing these great conversations, keep it up and keep hooting!