Saturday, December 12, 2015

In better news...

I found Ultraviolet instrumentals and acapellas from this amazing site. 1owlcityfan follow this guy on tumblr, he's been great with Mobile Orchestra TV tracks, Instrumentals and Acapellas! As well as directing his followers to other wonderful people who have done the same. You've gotta love this guy.

Also check out kadriification who is as equally as amazing!

that song... Mr Heartache?
And when you realise Tokyo Fantasy was a bit more than a year ago- and it felt like years?
And when there was such a big hype about Adam producing a song for Sekai No Owari?
Well guess what I found on the fabulous world of youtube:
Mr Heartache- the full version. The whole 5 minute 7 second minutes long!
One word to describe this song: cute

Have a fun listening party and it's only 13 days until Christmas!!!

-Imogen x


  1. What are tv tracks, like what does that mean?

    1. For example if you watched a TV programme and you heard an Owl City song in the background that would be a TV track since the television company had to ask for rights and possibly pay for it. I don't know the in's and out's, it's basically the instrumental with the backing and harmonies, which I find super interesting.
      Hope that helped,
      -Imogen xx

    2. On the tumblr above ^^ you might have to go the next page for Mobile Orchestra's TV tracks, however 1owlcityfan mostly lists them as 'Instrumental with backing vocals'.
      -Imogen xx