Saturday, February 20, 2016

Just a quick question...

Does anyone know what happened to Daniel Jorgensen?
The last I heard was that he was charged.
Only ask this because Adam still follows him on twitter. I'm kind of confused right now.


  1. Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything.. :/

    Though, I think he still follows him because they have been friends for such a long period of time, and that until the court can confirm what he did, Adam can't choose a side. Losing friends can be a difficult thing... :(

    1. Thanks, you're probably right, I'm still kind of baffled by it all. I just hope justice serves, that's all.
      -Imogen x

  2. Ok this is totally unrelated to Daniel Jorgensen but read the interview adam tweeted yesterday and in the 3rd to last paragraph they mention he has ideas to start a project with a friend. This took me by surprise a lot, who could it be? My first thought went to his (still unmentioned to his audience) girlfriend or maybe Matt Thiessen, but we never know with Adam.


  3. He's most likely referring to Goodbye Dubai, a project he's been working on with Matt Thiessen since 2010. His girlfriend appears to be an artist, so I highly doubt it could be her...aha Cx