Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Proof that I'm a fortune teller... no this isn't clickbait.

So yesterday I think I probably had one of the worst days that life could possibly throw at me. I had to wake up a whole ten minutes early for an English Exam, followed fifteen minutes later by a completely unrealistically placed Maths exam, which should have been set for an hour and a half but we were rushed to do it in an hour, and was a complete waste of time. And the revision lessons school was offering in the Easter Holiday was completely lacking the worst subjects... so guess who'll be failing their science exams??

But that's besides the point of what I'm trying to say. The part above was just to make you feel not so bad about your life, because in comparison, I'd say mine is a complete failure. 

Okay and I appreciate that this is probably the first blog post I've even considered writing about in the past few months, but it's a good one, I promise you. If you could see me frantically slamming down on my keyboard, you would understand my desperation to write this.

So, you all know that I have been asking one question for the past year. When Adam left Universal Records, I've been left constantly wondering what his new record label would be. And for all of you who've been following this blog since early last year, and indeed my twitter friends will know. I made a suggestion for Adam to make an independent record label and having the name something to do with his recording studio "Sky Harbour".

Well, yesterday, I was just admiring how Adam's lovely score The Ascent of Everest had helped me immensely with my English exam (if you're at all interested one of my sources was on Mount Everest and things like South Col and Khumbu Icefall made me feel confident I knew what I was doing- which in all honesty, I didn't but-), and simply just looked up the score on google and my little heart could not have gone faster.


If that is not fortune-telling I don't know what is.

There's also a small chance that Adam copied my idea without telling me, which is actually quite rude.
So I'm after you on that.

But for all intensive purposes let's pretend I can tell the future and that this is not clickbait, because it is to be quite honest.

Okay, so I feel as if all of you who read this feel as if I just wasted a few minutes of your life.... which I have.




  1. If you google Sky Harbor Entertainment and click on one of the first links, it has a list of everything that has been released under that label, and while it DOES have all of the scores, it also has the Live in LA concert DVD, so maybe you didn't actually predict this. #SorryNotSorry

    1. HSJFNSNDNS I KNEW THIS WAY BACK WHEN HE RELEASED APOLLO 11, but I think it may be a branch of Sky Harbor Records, which is what Of June (and I think Maybe I'm Dreaming) were partly released under.