Saturday, March 29, 2014

PPP (Possible Postponing Problems)

As I sneakily mentioned before, I am planning on releasing episode 5 a bit earlier than my normal posting schedule states, and I wanted to have it done tonight and be posted either tonight or early tomorrow. But because of GarageBand becoming more awesome (updating to the latest version) on my less-than-speedy Wi-Fi network, I might need to postpone recording to tomorrow. I apologize if this post made you cry, I promise it wasn't purposeful.
I might as well update you on 2 emerging selfies posted just moments before recording was scheduled to begin. But strangely, the first was removed just minutes after being posted. The second remained, a very magazine-worthy shot of Adam with the caption "On my way to steal yogurt." The first (removed) selfie was taken while Adam wore a motorcycle helmet as he wrote "On my way to steal your girl."
Why the selfie was removed is under very non-serious investigation.
Still faithfully yours,

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