Sunday, May 18, 2014


I know I just wrapped up my first contest not too long ago, but this'll have to be my last one for a while so I'm running it now!!!
My first contest went extremely well and I'm hoping this one does just as good!

Okay, so here's the rules:

  • Make an edit of "-Aidan" (without the quotes, of course) to be included in the email AND all blog posts.
  • Make it artistic and fun! Get creative with it.
  • May be any font or color you choose as long as it's readable, but make the background white.
  • Just like last time, you may include a watermark in the corner.
  • No specific size dimensions - I can resize as necessary.
  • Contest ends on May 28th.
  • Again, send your entries in to Pleeease email me with any questions you have.

Get your entries in RIGHT AWAY! I had a lot of last-minute entries last time, and I'd like to avoid that this time.
Thanks in advance for your beautiful entries!

Now let's get creating,


  1. I know you said please email but you know, that would give my identity away ;) can we enter more than once? ~Guess Who

    1. Well then we'll have to make other arrangements if you're planning to enter! ;) You must definitely CAN enter more than once.

    2. I like how you said must instead of most :P and oh but my identity is safe and sound, unless I actually win and you ask for a name mwahaha, I dunno man I'm tired xD ~Shall She Be Named?