Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ah, It's A Good Time

So we all heard about (and I reported about) the court case between our King Owl and Miss Carly Rae versus the small-town girl Allyson Burnett that started in 2012. The story was that Adam and Carly had ripped off Allyson's "Ah, It's A Love Song" with the double platinum hit "Good Time."
Well the word on the street, and on, is that the case is over - and Mr. Young is the winner. Not only does he win the case, he also gets exactly $525,901.77 in royalties. The judge in this case still has to sign off on this deal, but according to TMZ, this is said to be "just a formality." 
So in other words, Adam and Carly did NOT take Allyson Burnett's song. But they DID make one heck of a catchy tune. 

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