Saturday, June 14, 2014

I'm Not Teasing

...but some people on YouTube are. 
So, as we already know, there hasn't been any songs leaked from the Ultraviolet EP. However, on top of the officially released teaser clip of Wolf Bite, there have been other teasers released of the two other unheard songs on the EP, "This Isn't The End" and "Up All Night." They're both 30-second clips, so technically not a full leak, but they're great tidbits that hint at AY's new sound - which is a lot like his OLD sound. 
There's also a 90-second "extended teaser" of "Up All Night" on YouTube along with the others, but I have no desire to listen personally because of its length. But I have heard the other teasers, and if you want, you can do the same. I think we're all going to be extremely satisfied with Adam's new sound. All you need to do is search for the teasers on YouTube - no extensive digging required. 
And just so you know - Adam reported on Instagram that he's already working on "EP #2." Get excited!!!


  1. I think they got the clips from iTunes, because they always have previews of songs on there, including ones that haven't been released yet.

    1. Good point! I actually hadn't thought of that.

    2. I was actually really surprised when I found out that you can preview the unreleased songs. I found out a day or so after I pre-ordered it, and I was like, " Oh, I can hear some of these songs? Why did nobody share this with me?"