Monday, July 28, 2014

Five Years Of Ocean Eyes

That's right, everyone. As of today, June 28th, 2014, it has been five years since Ocean Eyes came out.

Five years of:

Cold integrity keeping us wide awake.

Taking long walks through the cornfield.

Falling asleep in hospital parking lots.

Chandeliers lighting up the engine room.

Counting all the ship lights.

Brushing our teeth and looking in the mirror.

Finally seeing that you're right there beside us.

Floating away, lost in a silent ballet.

Making yourself believe that planet earth turns slowly.

Doing whatever it takes to change.

Looking down at our hands and feeling sad...

And not needing a telescope to see that there's hope.

It's been a great five years, Adam. It really has. You've saved so many of us with your music, especially with this album. Ocean Eyes is what Owl City is. What it's about. Freedom and dreams and dental care and saltwater rooms and fireflies and the magic that is Adam Young.

Now, go and listen.


  1. Just read this post and then checked out your Youtube!!!!
    This blog is literally a life saver, because I can fangirl as much as I want here, and if I do it else where- i.e in England where I live everyone's like "Who's Owl City."
    Then I tell them about Fireflies, and they start singing Fireflies and claim that they are Owl City fans and I'm like PLEASE!!!!
    Then they ask me what my favourite Owl City song is and I say Up All Night (New EP is adamazing by the way) and then they look at me like I'm crazy and they say "I don't like Owl City."

    1. Hello, wonderful anon!
      I'm soooooo glad you've found this blog and that you like it! You definitely may fangirl as much as you want here, you're in good company! And I love hearing from hootowls like you so thanks for commenting! And about the fan thing - I know the struggle. Just ignore them and come back here! :)

  2. I'm literally downloading Ocean Eyes right now, and I'm gonna listen to it on my vacation that is about to begin! Yay Owl City!

    1. Have you listened to it before??? If you haven't I think you will really enjoy it. It's really different, so if you don't like mainstream, it's like music heaven!

    2. Hello, wonderful anons! NIce to see some communication between hootowls here, it's what the blog is for!
      So, congrats on downloading Ocean Eyes! It's a beautiful dreamy album, and if you haven't heard it before you'll love it so much. Keep the awesome comments coming!

    3. I've heard the songs from Ocean Eyes, but I didn't have any of them except for Cave In and Fireflies. I downloaded it before we left, and I've been listening to it constantly since I got it. It is SO good! It's really fun to listen to during a long car ride! I've also been making my parents play the All Things Bright and Beautiful CD:)
      Sorry it took me so long to reply, we've been staying at a hotel, and the only internet access I had was my iPod and it kept crashing on me, so I could read your replies, but I couldn't respond to them:(

    4. Hey that's perfectly okay! :) I'm replying late too so :P I'm so glad yo unow have Ocean Eyes! Haha I'm glad your parents let you do that :P
      Stay perfect and keep visiting!