Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chatless At The Station

Okay, guys. Once again, I'm guilty of missing the chat, BUT I HAD REASON. I had to be up early the next day and it just wouldn't have worked.
So, as the noble reporter that I claim to be, I went to Twitter to locate the chat to report back to y'all, but upon landing in the Twitterverse of @owlcity, I could not find a single question nor answer. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Unless I am greatly mistaken, the chat has been deleted by Mr. Young. So I'm reaching out to YOU, great hootowl friends. If  you have any info as to what happened at the chat last night or why it was deleted, PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS POST! Your feedback will help me greatly and you will be thanked profusely.

But I did need to make one last stop after visiting Twitter.

As the owner of the fan club blog, I have a responsibility.
I needed to visit The Midsummer Station.

That's right. Today, August 17th, is the 2nd anniversary of The Midsummer station. Now I'm aware this isn't everyone's favorite album. But it's still Owl City and it's still important to us, so today we celebrate the birthday of the last full-length release by Adam since 2012. Hats off to you, Adam. Thanks for bringing us the Station.
And I also need to thank for bringing us this wonderful TMS .gif, my favorite that I've seen.
Thanks for the ride, Adam.

"Turning on the lights again for those who plan on visiting the Station." -Tumblr

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