Sunday, August 17, 2014

TMS On Tumblr

I'll be honest with you guys; I'm really starting to get addicted to Tumblr. I'm always on there now, either finding cool OC stuff for you to enjoy, or writing original posts that you won't find anywhere else.
And that last point brings me here. Coinciding with the 2 year anniversary of The Midsummer Station (happy birthday, TMS!), I wrote up a little first-person fanfic-style short story about it, and I think you would enjoy it. So click here to go straight to my post on Tumblr, and please let me know what you think by either replying to the post or commenting on this one. Honestly, guys, I'm really happy with this post and I want everyone possible to see and enjoy it. And by the way, while you're here, and if you have a Tumblr, please please pleeeease follow me! I'm constantly posting and reposting goodies there. So click on this link (yes, this is the same link) to go to my Tumblr post on TMS, and to follow me!

Thanks in advance for visiting, and for being loyal fans of THIS blog,


  1. Hey Aidan! I am currently testing out a new feature on my website similar to twitter. It involves mentioning another user like so... "@owlcity, do you have an official tumblr?" and whenever you mention another user that user gets an email. For testing methods, I mentioned you in a comment. Do you mind checking your email for a notification of being mentioned and reply with your results on my website? Also, if you see this before 10:00 PM tonight, you can send a message to my chat board and I'll most likely see it and reply.

    1. I did get your email! I don't know how you do it, buddy, but you're a pro. If you need anything else just let me know!

    2. Thanks man! It all involves a lot of patience and hope that changing a few characters (sometimes lines) will fix your code. Coffee helps too but not needed ;)