Monday, August 11, 2014

Tweets Of The Week

It's hard to run a fan club blog when sometimes there's just nothing to post about.
And so, to fill space and time, here are Adam's most recent tweets:

"What if the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs was a UFO and we are all aliens"

"Aerosol cheese RT @AyasHootowl: @owlcity What things do you like about your country?"

"As a senpai, I feel it is my duty to evaluate the situation and inform you that I notice you"
(Wait, what even is a senpai?)

"The boo box in Hook emotionally damaged me for life"

"What if Australia is actually just a huge game of Jumanji"

"Just sat down, follow me for more relatable tweets"

"@ocfanpodcast is the coolest fan club blog ever lol"

...okay, yeah, that last one didn't happen.
But you never know.


  1. Okay, this Saturday is another twitter chat at 2AM.
    Mark in on your calendar, put a reminder on your iPhone, put some sort of alert on your laptop, and do whatever it takes to stay awake.
    And remember.
    You don't need a telescope to see that there's hope for this cause.
    Just thought I should let you know.

    1. Omg thank you so much, wonderful anon! I will set tons of reminders for myself. ITS NOT GETTING AWAY FROM ME THIS TIME MWAHAHAHA

    2. You're welcome! Thanks for the shoutout; it made my day:)
      I hope it doesn't get away from you cause, well, HOW many live chats have you missed so far?!

    3. It's no problem, lovely! Trust me, this won't get away from me. I missed both Facebook chats and the last Twitter chat! But I have gotten a reply from him before so it's not THAT much of a loss.

    4. What question did you have that he replied to? Cause I MAY know what it is, or I MAY just be an idiot...
      Actually, I'm kind of an idiot regardless. But still, what did you ask him?

    5. You're not an idiot!
      But my question was, and I quote: "If your beard was alive what's the square root of Taco Bell?" and his answer was "egg."

    6. Ummmmmmm...I see!
      The question I thought you asked was an everyday question, but what did I expect from a hootowl? I mean, we all know that reality is a lovely place, but most hootowls don't want to live there. :D

  2. I recently searched what "senpai" meant on an urban dictionary and it meant "someone who will not notice you", "someone who is older than you" or "someone you look up to". I'm really sorry and would like to apologize if any of this are actually wrong facts.

    1. Actually, anon, it seems like you're correct, except in this situation context matters. At first people were calling him senpai, because they felt like he was not noticing them. As time went on, he sort of said, "okay, I''m a senpai, but I want you to know I notice you."
      Hopefully this cleared some stuff up, but if not let me know!