Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sneaky Email

Hello, lovely blog readers!
As you should definitely know already, I have a special email newsletter dedicated to this blog that I use every once in a while to give super secret news about the goings-on of my blog. And I'm sending one out TODAY! And so, lovely hootowls, if you want to be in on a BRAND NEW SURPRISE that I'm releasing today through the email, I encourage you to sign up using the form on the sidebar! Just your email address is all you need to include.
Like I said, I'll be sending this email out later today, so if you want to recieve it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up if you haven't already!

In Owl City Instagram news, Adam's been posting a lot lately about gearing up - both to release a new record, and to begin touring! He's been buying new effects pedals and installing new hardware in his guitars, which can only mean one thing - he's almost ready to take those guitars out on the road.
Fall is coming, guys - and that means tour.

Always sneaky (but not quite as sneaky as Adam),


  1. Dunno if it's sneaked but here is "you're not alone":
    Have a nice day!

    1. It's now on youtube too:
      I don't think it's leaked