Friday, September 26, 2014

Update From Adam

And I quote:

"New stuff is around the corner. Like RIGHT around the corner. New things you can put into your ears."

And that is all.


  1. YES FINALLY! And they added a description for the Ice Age 5 story line... to be honest it sounds really weird... they get magically transported to 2016. Coincidently the same year as the Brazil Olympics, which is also coincidently the same year the film is released (wow so much logic) ... so Adam could be playing a human instead of an animal. He could play his twin brother Messi but I think that is just wishful thinking. But all the same the story lines are getting way too far fetched but me and my bestie are still getting pumped up about Adam being an actor, even though it's still only rumoured.
    The gal who's Dad has the same glasses as Adam.

    1. Hey, friendly anon who talks about glasses!
      This is so exciting!! I agree that the storylines are getting kinda lame, but this could be to our advantage if Adam is playing a part. And how cool would it be if Adam voiced Messi??? It would totally work.
      Thanks for keeping me updated!

    2. Adam Young as Messi would just be the best. I can't wait for the Monday announcement though I'm a little mad that I'll probably be at school when he announces it, and I CAN'T BE THE FIRST ONE TO KNOW! (sorry for the caps, just expressing my anger) and then of course there is the time difference :0(. But fingers crossed for the tour news, dates and locations because I'm hootowling it up to the max in my house and everybody's staring up at me like I'm sort of weird creature (preferably an Owl.)
      As always you are welcome :0)
      -The gal who's Dad has the same glasses as Adam (and might be changing then soon! Which I am truly thankful for!)