Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Thanks to every single one of you wonderful internet users, I am now far past 10,000 page views!!! And in celebration, I've decided to do a UKULELE COVER of one of the four songs listed to the right of this post! You need to VOTE for the song you want me to play, so go ahead and click your favorite and vote!!! Voting ends on November 1st, so vote NOW!

In new album news, SENKAI NO AWARI are going to make more than one apparence on the new record (which is predicted to be released at the end of November!!!). According to this Tumblr post, Adam has finished working on a brand new song called Mr. Heartache that we assume will be on the new album! And like I said, that's coming in just about a month, so it's time to get excited!!!

Talk soon,

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  1. I can't wait for the new Album, and I'm looking forward to your ukulele cover.
    Happy Halloween!
    The gal who's dad wears the same glasses as Adam.