Monday, October 27, 2014

Owl City Masterpost

Tumblr is literally a magic place. I don't even understand how it can be so magical.

I was casually browsing this magical site today and I found quite the gem - THIS masterpost describing everything hootowls can possibly know about the new upcoming Owl City album. There are some that you will know, IF you follow this blog - but even I learned a few things from this list, so it's definitely worth a little look-see!
In completely unrelated news, I'M ALMOST TO 10,000 VIEWS!!

Carry on.


  1. 10,001 views man! Well done, and you deserve everyone of them! :0)
    Thank you for this blog, all of us Hootowls are truly grateful!
    -The Gal Who's Dad has the same glasses as Adam.

    1. And some other exciting news that Adam will be producing a song called "Mr Heartache" with SEKAI NO OWARI, which they performed together at Tokyo Fantasy.
      And on the Ice Age 5 agenda, it looks like the cast line-up isn't short of stars. Not only does Adam earn a role (hopefully) so does the most subscribed Youtuber Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie). AND SIMON COWELL! This is absolutely ridiculous.
      Unfortunately, the plot has been taken away from IMDb, which could be a good thing, because the previous plot sounded like a ridiculous idea. But yet no surprising for Ice Age!
      -The Gal Who's Dad has the same glasses as Adam.

    2. Thank you for all these updates!!! I really appreciate you giving me these. I love active fans like you!

    3. Aw thanks!
      It's a pleasure to help to such a great source of hoot owl news.