Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mail From Owl City

It blew up the Twittersphere, it brightened our inboxes, and it excited every hootowl in Owl City - a new letter from Mr. Young. 
I know most of us have seen the letter already, but just in case, I will recap by saying this: Adam is very sorry for the delays that have kept him from releasing his new music. He never really clarifies what these delays actually are, but he just describes them as "situations out of my control".

But what we can safely assume from this is that the new album will probably NOT be released March 31 as predicted by NewReleaseTuesday - but it's still possible that we can expect something, like maybe a new single. This is just my speculation - it's only a guess.

But whatever will happen, we are assured of one thing: Adam has not forgotten about us, and we can expect great things coming up soon.

Always keeping you posted,

1 comment:

  1. I guess (AGAIN) it's just a waiting game- but all good things come to the people who wait, right? Plus the material must be super owlsome if it's taken him this long to make and release the album, I like to think of it like he's just making sure everything is perfect for us- he said things were out of his control anyway, if they weren't, I'm sure he would love to give us the album now.

    -The Gal Who's Dad wears the same Glasses as Adam (Glasses Anon)