Monday, March 9, 2015

NEW New Release Tuesday

First and foremost, I apologize for being absent these last few weeks. I've been super busy and I'm just lucky I've got wifi at the hotel I'm in now. I also realize I'm a month behind on my podcast, but I plan to fix that as soon as possible.

Now on to the latest: the new date from New Release Tuesday. For a while, I knew that the site posted a new, unnamed Owl City album as coming out on March 31st. But in light of a number of things, most likely including the email Adam sent out last week, a new date has replaced the old one - as it stands now, the still-unnamed Owl City record will be released APRIL 28TH. Here is the link that confirms this new date - although, I would take what this website says with a grain of salt. Let's just hope it's right this time!

Sincerely yours from a stinky hotel room,

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  1. Jackson by Johnny Cash covered by Adam Young

    Glasses Anon
    PS. Waiting in complete and utter anticipation for the new album, am praying for the 28th of April.