Thursday, March 26, 2015

DFD IS BACK... And Other AY Blog Stuff

That's gotta be my longest blog post title ever.

Anyway, things have been happening more related to Adam's blog lately, and they're the best things that you could imagine!
First and foremost... Do you guys remember "dfd" from a couple years ago?
Well, it seems to be BACK! It has made an appearance on this brand new Tumblr post:

I'd love to hear your speculations on what you think it means - comment below!!!

In other very pleasant blog news, Adam has surprised us - or at least me - with a brand new rant/story! Click here to read the beautifully organized words of Adam Young being poetic. I'm so happy that he's finally given us some new writings from his gorgeous mind.

Keeping you updated till the cows come home,


  1. Well someone said DFD stood for Duets for Dreamers because of the released singles in October since they were both with Adam and then some other band or solo artist. However Adam said "Good theory but Nah!"
    -Glasses Anon

    1. Glasses Anon, you are most certainly a genius! I did find that Tumblr post while doing research for this blog post. I think there are many great theories for DFD, we'll just have to see how it turns out!

    2. I am no genius, but thanks! Remember it might not be specifically the name of the album or anything about the new album. Adam's been #dfd(ing) for a long time- surely he wasn't to know what the album would be called 3 years ago. Maybe this is just something personal to hint something about his lifestyle and his past or some private joke he has with this friends, so it really could be anything.
      -Glasses Anon