Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Behind The Scenes Of "Verge"

Want a sneak peek at the new music video for "Verge" ft. Aloe Blacc?
Or just interested in how music videos look behind the scenes? Well, look no farther!
Overnight, Owl City has posted a video showing the behind-the-scenes action from his upcoming video for "Verge"! You can watch the video by clicking THIS link right here. Check it out!

As you've probably read by now, Lily Y. (better known by her 5th grade YouTube username wetfood00) is your new guest author!! She'll be posting off and on for the next couple weeks and will also be recieving an AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO of Adam Young!
And as promised, your 2nd place finisher is Giovanna S.! She will also be recieving a real, autographed photo! I really want to thank all the participants in my contest, you're all incredible writers!

And good news for the rest of you - I will be running ANOTHER guest author contest later on in the year, and those who didn't place are ALREADY ENTERED! I'll be letting you know about that contest a little later on.

Thanks again!


  1. Understandably, can't wait for the new music video! Just realised, Minions is coming out pretty soon where I'm at (UK release June 26) and there has been no confirmation of the song 'Lighting Up The Tunnel' :0I so... I'm just thinking, is this one of the things IMDb made up- like the Owl City and Nicki Minaj thing that I had a complete rage quit about (again- sorry about that!)
    Just wondering if there is any other insight on it- other than my negative self!
    -Glasses Anon.

    1. Where did you hear the OC and Nicki Minaj thing? What would that have been for? Also I think Lighting up the Tunnel is a go! Everything I've seen about it looks legit.

    2. I found this ages ago on some spanish movie on IMDb:
      Lol- can't tell you what it says cos' I can't read Spanish- however thankfully in the Soundtracks section this song isn't there anymore!
      I really hope Lighting Up The Tunnel is legit!
      Thank you!!! ;0)
      -Glasses Anon