Thursday, May 21, 2015

Calling All Hootowls of the (non?)Tumblr Variation

Salutations once more, my sweet Hootowl children!
Creepy? Okay, a little creepy.
 It is I, guest author Lily, returned once more for another riveting game of see-if-I-can-post-on-the-blog-correctly! Let's hope I win it. Or at least...tie? Can I do that? Who am I playing against?
All questions whose answers the world may never know.
Aaaaand focus, Lily, good. I have a question for all you delightful dear friend readers out there.
You got Tumblr?
Cause mama Lily want to know. If the answer to my decidedly random query is, in fact, affirmative, hit me up!!!
The blog/masterpiece (ahem) I run is none other than,
Wait for it.
Named after one of my favorite Owl City songs (even though it is absolutely unfair to ask anyone to pick just one!)
If you should decide to search for and/or follow my humble blog, my hope is that you find yourself enjoying the stream of irrelevant yet entertaining things that is my livelihood. It's a crazy mix of memage, weird humor, animals, Adam Young, I don't even know, man, you can find just about anything on there. And if you aren't on Tumblr and you've got a few free minutes, I would highly suggest checking it out or making your own blog! The hootowl community on Tumblr is super huge, super welcoming, and utterly just fun. It's awesome to see how many of us there are, and how we're spread around the world. If you decide to take me up on this goodness, some of my favorite OC blogs are sneakybookworm, andywestdaydreams, and youretheskythatifellthrough. Some of the edits and fan stuff these guys put out are absolutely mindblowing. But last, and definitely most important, is this blog's very own Tumblr at ocfanpodcast. It's a fast way to get the same quality content you can get here, so you can take your pick! I hope y'all don't mind my shameless self promotion, but I do think our Tumblr community is fantastic fun! I find new Adam GIFs, edits, tour stuff, videos, pictures, and even old or lesser-known songs all over that thing. It's an awesome way to get even deeper into the fandom (enter if you dare >:D)! Do your thing, you kids, and have a nice (and safe) day! Hootowl forever,
Your guest author, trying her best to be a cool kid-

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