Thursday, May 21, 2015

Update On Movies

Hey everyone! It's Aidan again. (Hopefully this whole two-author thing won't get confusing.)

So thanks to some lovely comments by you lovely readers, I've been inspired to do another little update on the movies that Adam's been slated to be a part of. So here we go!

So I'll start with the one that was brought up most recently by Glasses Anon, which is a movie I'm pretty excited to see - Minions! These cute little guys have kind of taken over... Well.. Everything in the past couple years, and now they'll be getting their own film. And according to IMDb, Adam has a song in it called "Lighting Up The Tunnel." I wrote about this one a while back, and I just wanted to confirm that it's still a go!

Now, it was rumored that Owl City was going to be paired with the rap queen Nicki Minaj for a song, for a movie that I can't even really remember the name of right now. Fortunately for some, this collab seems to have been dispersed. There's no evidence of this team anymore! (I can't even imagine what that collab would sound like.)

I mentioned a while back that Adam was slated to create an entire soundtrack for a Dreamworks movie entitled Me And My Shadow. Well, I just checked up on THAT, too!
From what I can surmise, the movie is in "post-production" and the release date is 2015, though no specific date is mentioned. The IMDb page still credits Owl City for the production of the soundtrack, so I'll just have to keep checking back!

And now, finally, the last major part of the movie puzzle for Adam - the voicing of a character!
For a while now, Adam has been slated to voice a character in Ice Age 5, which is being released next year. After checking the movie page again, Adam is STILL THERE! Keep in mind, however, that he hasn't been set to voice any specific character, and his inclusion is "rumored". So keep your fingers crossed!

I think that's all I have for you for now - if you have any other movies that I missed, please comment below!

Sending it back to Lily now,


  1. Yay! Thanks for the update! I keep checking back nearly everyday on IMDb and Ice Age 5 particularly angers me. My fingers and toes are crossed (how do you cross your toes?)!
    Why is IMDb being so vague... I'll guess we'll never know about anything of these things until Adam announces it or the info is leaked. *cries* :0(
    But in more positive news I'm pretty sure we're on the Verge of the new music video! See what I did there?
    -Glasses Anon

  2. I also have been doing research and I have found that Me and My Shadow could be taking the place of Kung fu panda as far as release date, and I think that is in early 2016, so that's what I'm hoping for! Adam also has a song for the movie The Good Dinosaur called like 2 Billion Years or something like that. I don't know when that is coming out. I figured I'd share those tidbits with you guys, thanks! - MVB

    1. Can anyone find the link to this Dinosaur Movie (thing)? I can't find anything... then again, this is me we're talking about...
      -Glasses Anon


      I don't know how legit this is. I don't know any release date or anything, but this is what I found.- MVB

    3. Okay, thank you! The picture seems pretty familiar to me, like a childhood book- but down take my word for it. Thanks again!
      -Glasses Anon