Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Poem.

There have been many Dreams & Disasters, but we've made it here.
We followed nothing but a Shooting Star to get to this place.
We didn't have much Gold, but we had something more valuable.
I couldn't possibly have Dementia - not at a moment like this!

We told the dream we had, "I'm Coming After You!"
I lead the charge at the Speed Of Love.
We knew that after we were done, we'd have a Good Time.
Even the Embers were enough to light our world ablaze.

We could see the Silhouette of our new home up ahead.
It's not a Metropolis - simply a station.
And nobody will be able to Take It All Away.

Today, we say happy 3rd birthday to our friends at The Midsummer Station. So many memories were made there, tears were shed... But we're always safe at the Station.

And no matter where we go, no matter who we become...

We'll always leave the lights on.


  1. The internet has returned and so has Glasses Anon.
    I love it, especially the last stanza! It's exactly how I feel for the love of Adam and his music, no one can take away my love for his music and my huge respect for him. I really do love this!
    I'm pretty happy with Adam's note on Daniel, I've never seen or heard Adam with so much anger and sadness in his words.
    Thank you so much for the poem and I'm really sorry I haven't been as regular with my comments as usual, but I promise I'll be back soon, for good, hopefully ;0).
    Don't know when you Montanians (is that a word?) return to school but if not enjoy the rest of your vacation, and if you have returned then hope you've had a good one.
    -Glasses Anon

  2. I see adam working on new music on Instagram lately and that makes me so excited! - MVB

    1. We're all back on the ball. Missed you MVB. :0D

    2. Its nice to see all of you again - I missed seeing you filling up my comments section!

  3. I missed you guys too! I haven't been commenting because I haven't had any questions or news lately. Sorry! -MVB