Thursday, August 27, 2015

Videos And Chats and Surprises, Oh My!

So much has been going on in this world of Owl City, but I have been hopelessly laptop-less for over a week now, so that's why I'm just now posting and then getting back to your comments! But we have a lot to talk about right now, so let's get into it:

Adam has been making videos, totalling two so far, about each song on Mobile Orchestra. The latest is commentary about "This Isn't The End", which we hootowls have known for a while now. Check it out on Adam's YouTube channel (NOT his Vevo). There, you'll also find the video commentary for "You're Not Alone", the first episode in the series. (I would post links like I normally do, but I'm using my less-than-favorable Windows notebook, and it's too much work.)

Next - coming up today, the 27th, at 6 pm eastern, 3pm pacific, don't miss the special TWITTER CHAT featuring Owl City and special guest Britt Nicole! Check out Adam's or Britt's Twitter accounts for more details on the chat, and get excited!
(Unfortunately, I will not be attending this chat - prior commitments will be calling me away from wifi.)

And lastly, as promised - SURPRISES! New things will be coming in the month of September, yes, very new things... Accompanied, of course, by a new podcast episode, and possibly even vlogs! Tune in VERY soon to see what surprises I have in store for you.

Check back soon, friends!


  1. Looking forward to the surprises! And a new podcast episode of course!!! - Coconut

  2. Those Wizard of Oz puns tho... finally back from holiday/vacation. Logged on to my mac, charging up my headphones, getting ready for Adam/Your surprises. Cannot wait ;0D
    Did you see what Adam said? "MONTANA FTW" I agree, Montana for the win!
    Chat soon,
    -Glasses Anon

    1. Was so happy when Adam said 12 ET/5 GMT and actually thought Adam cared...then realised Sarah Russell is English. *cries*
      -Glasses Anon (lets face it, who else would be bugging you at this time in the morning?)

    2. Hello Glasses Anon! I'm finally back and re-organized. Montana FTW indeed! ;) gonna be doing some super cool stuff soon, starting with a new podcast episode hopefully this weekend! Stay tuned!