Saturday, December 5, 2015

Bad news for Ice Age 5

Basically IMDb lied again.
Yes, for about the hundredth time this year.
So first we had a let down from the so called song of 'Lighting Up The Tunnel' supposedly written by Adam, Matt and Emily but when I went to see it... no Lighting Up The Tunnel for the minions.
Then we had Me and My Shadow which was supposed to be released in November, I suddenly realised on Nov 30, Me and My Shadow is supposed to be released this month and tomorrow is December, so good luck with that. Though Me and My Shadow has been in post-production for years, it's been delayed, and delayed, and delayed, time and time again. So it is possible that Adam indeed is still going the whole 18 tracks, but this again is probably too good to be true.

And the most heart wrenching for me must be Ice Age:
Ice Age 5 and Adam supposedly being a voice actor was how I found this blog, when Aidan had been running the blog for only half a year or so. Adam had been on the list when others had been knocked on and off it, but now, I just checked back- no mention or Adam Young or the previous person on the list Felix Kjellberg (which is as nearly as disappointing for me) but I'd been suspecting it for some time.

I swear IMDb has a hate crime against Hootowls...
But I think really they secretly want Adam to do all of this stuff because they know it would ten times better with him.

Over and out and bye for now,
-Imogen x


  1. I think me and my shadow is supposed to be released in like 2018. We have some time I guess. I asked an insider and he said 2018 so that's what I'm hoping for!