Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Aidan has a picture, tag sort of thing at the bottom of his posts and I've suddenly realised how odd my posts look without one:

And since I, in no means, am good at art (or anything as good as this) I really need your creativeness to help me!

Here are a few rules:

  • Make an edit of "-Imi/Imogen" (you chose) to be included in all blog posts. Like Aidan's old one!
  • Make it artistic and fun! Get creative with it.
  • May be any font or colour you choose as long as it's readable, but make the background white.
  • No specific size dimensions - I can resize as necessary. 
  • Contest ends on Jan 1st 
  • Send your entries in to evilpeoplewerehere@gmail.com. Email me with any questions you have. 
  • HAVE FUN!!
I can't wait to see your entries!!! :0D

-Imogen xx